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Business Tips To Get You Found Online

We love business!

There is nothing like the feeling of making your own success. But it can be a lonely and confusing journey at times. There are so many plates to spin it seems inevitable that some of them will fall and break.

WIMAXMAPS = Work It MAX More And People Succeed.

This sums up our philosophy in business and life. Doing “enough” isn’t enough – to get the success you need you have to be continually pushing the boundaries.

We will be bringing you the best tips of help you and your business grow strong and keep developing. We are gathering the real world advice of business men and women who share with you what it took them, in some cases, years to learn.

We’re here to help shorten your own learning curve.

But it’s not just in the day to day running of your company that we focus, we also give you help with the possibilities opened up by the internet.

It’s a fact nowadays that your business needs a strong online presence in order to compete effectively.

That can be a complex process.  You need to

  • Design A Website
  • Get Your Website To The Top Of The Search Engines
  • Convert Visitors Into Customers

Fortunately there is a wealth of experience you can tap into online to help shorten your learning curve. From watching videos on YouTube to teach yourself,  or quickly and cost-effectively finding skilled freelancers to do the tricky jobs for you, you can move forward more easily than ever.

Our intention on this site is to share what we’ve learned, sometimes by getting it wrong, but mostly getting it right (eventually).

We hope you find our content useful.

Organising Your Workspace For Greater Efficiency

There are a number of things that you can do to get more things done throughout the course of your normal workday. Foremost among these, however, is simply organising your workspace for greater efficiency. Eliminating a lot of unnecessary clutter and ensuring that essential items are always accessible can have a tremendous impact on your productivity. The tips that follow will help you get started.

* Purge your space of anything that is not essential. If you are keeping multiple hard copies of a single document, get rid of the extras and just keep one. In fact, you can save yourself a lot of desk space by simply opting to scan your documents in and keep these on the physical desktop or stored safely in virtual space.

cluttered desk

* Get rid of any office decorations that are not serving essential functions. Items that might have added aesthetic value could be old, worn down and dusty. Clearing these out will not only give you more space, but it can also allow the overall work area to take on an entirely new energy.

* Call in professional cleaners. Whilst you are organising your workspaces is a great time to give everything a deep clean. Bill Weir whose company delivers carpet cleaning in Edinburgh says that he receives feedback from business customers telling him the difference a powerful cleanse can have. “Professional carpet cleaners are often told that getting rid of the dirt beneath the feet acts as a catalyst for improved productivity. It’s not surprising, really, as your workforce will feel more appreciated if they work in a clean environment.”

Thanks to Bill for letting us use the following video.

Can you imagine how everybody must have felt arriving for work the day after this was cleaned? For a few hundred pounds outlay the benefits in terms of staff goodwill and productivity would have been easily recouped.

* Redistribute items to their proper places. During the process of clearing out clutter, you may want to avoid throwing some things out. It could be that you simply have things on your desk that belong in communal areas or in the work spaces of your colleagues. Getting everything back where it belongs will give you more elbow room.

You also want to take some time to re-evaluate the items that you intend to keep. This includes all office furniture, work tools and technical resources. It could be time to upgrade these. Getting an ergonomic chair will give you increased comfort and support and can lead to significant increases in productivity. Although a current computer might be functioning, this does not mean that it is functioning as well or as efficiently as it should. It could be time for an office equipment upgrade.

Before blindly investing in items to boost the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the work space, take some time to determine which investments will produce the best returns. Be honest in your evaluations to ensure  the new tools you get are worth the extra spending.

* Identify areas that are prone to gathering clutter. There may be certain parts of your office or current work routine that cause you to become more frazzled than others. This results in items piling up or being haphazardly strewn about the cubicle or room. Once you know where various problem areas lie, you can purchase the right tools for organizing the resulting mess. For instance, if you find that you are constantly throwing binder clips into the corner of the desk space while reviewing files, you might want to have a small clip holder here in order to prevent this mess.

* Try creating special work zones in the space. For instance, if you have various duties that must be performed over the course of the day, you may want to have a special area for each of these. Creating these zones is a also a great strategy for keeping yourself focused. You can keep your mind targeted on each individual task by simply moving into a new zone. Having greater focus will invariably lead to greater levels of efficiency.

* Start taking advantage of the vertical space in your office. This is going to give you a lot more room. While you may not have the ability to expand an office or cubicle, you can start utilizing the vertical area instead. Use book shelves to build up. Also, if you have a need for special aesthetic additions like pictures of family members, flowers and decorative art, you can fill these upper spaces with these items. Vertical spaces are also great for hanging live plants. This will give you the best opportunity to create an impressive display and it will additionally allow you to take full advantage of all of the usable area in the room for working.

* Think about having more than one in-box. Some people divide their incoming work according to the number of clients they service or desks they support. Others divide this work according to its time sensitivity. This makes it easier for them to prioritize jobs that must be done right away, rather than taking on busy work and letting urgent matters get buried. With this system, you can make sure that you are focused, able to take tasks with minimal interruption and committed to handling jobs that merit the most attention.

The Importance Of Delegation

Delegation of duties is a key element of organisation when it comes to efficiently running any business, whether large or small. Those in top management positions must carefully match the abilities of their staff to the particular tasks which need to be accomplished or decisions that must be made.

Doing this conveys a sense of trust to employees and can help them grow personally within their careers, and at the same time it ensures progress within the organisation. Anyone working in management must have a full understanding of the importance of delegation for business success.

Regardless of a company’s size, it is necessary to divide up the various aspects of its operation amongst the workers if it is to continue to run smoothly. Common areas that will be delegated to different people include customer service, administrative functions, inventory, and payroll to name a few.

One person attempting to take on too many of these responsibilities at the same time will usually result in poor overall performance as spreading oneself too thin most often does. With each aspect being run by one person, he or she can concentrate on doing an excellent job of it and not overlook small but meaningful details.

relaxed business meetingA higher degree of efficiency is attained when a company is run by true teamwork, which is basically what delegation is all about. Carefully selecting workers to put in charge of the necessary tasks according to their skills and experience ultimately results in a “well-oiled machine” that gets the job done.

With these areas under control, those in upper management positions have more time to devise performance strategies for the team’s future which also means less stress for these professionals as their duties are reduced in number.

Another role leaders play is to impart their abilities and knowledge onto their staff through coaching and mentoring in the workplace. As workers learn on the job, they will become more competent and eventually reach the point where they can be fully trusted to effectively manage an entire department or sub-department of the company.

Delegating responsibilities to these individuals helps them to actualize their own potential and come into their own, putting them in a position for advancement as they prove themselves increasingly capable of competently handling more obligations.

With simpler tasks assigned to a company’s more reliable workers, top tier management executives are better able to do what they are primarily responsible for, which is analyzing performance reports and developing a business plan and objectives. These larger and more significant areas of operation call for a high degree of focus, which cannot be easily achieved if they must scatter their energies too far.

The workflow of the company will generally improve when this system is implemented, with fewer glitches and a better ability to meet deadlines. This being said, it can ultimately boost performance in each quarter and positively impact revenue.

Part of a successful delegation strategy is the establishment of a hierarchy within the company. This consists of creating “sub-groups” of workers where one person is put in charge of others, supervising the tasks they perform.

Most employees feel more at ease reporting to another colleague as they complete their assignments rather than be closely monitored by management, which results in them performing to the best of their ability. This design for “organised teamwork” has been repeatedly proven to yield a positive outcome for those companies which implement it.

Personnel who are actively involved in the critical aspects of a company’s operation have a good opportunity to prove themselves. As they demonstrate adeptness in one area, they will be given increasingly more challenging work to complete. This not only facilitates personal career growth and development for these individuals, but it also makes choosing suitable candidates for promotions an easier job for those in management.

People who are happy with their work and feel that it provides them with a sense of accomplishment are motivated to continuously strive to be the best they can be over the duration of their careers.

Effective task delegation not only creates an ideal environment for the workers’ professional growth, but also for the further expansion of the business itself. New divisions and departments can be formed as workers continue to demonstrate initiative and responsibility, which in turn produces more available positions to be filled in each of these areas. This is one way a company can experience both vertical and horizontal expansion.

Making effective use of delegation clearly generates a “trickle down” effect in a business, which includes efficiency, increased worker responsibilities and morale, and the final result is evident in the optimal progress and financial success enjoyed by the organisation.

Local Business Startups – Why Franchising May Be Your Answer

Despite years of economic uncertainty, the thirst remains strong in men and women in the UK to do business. One of the options that would seem to offer the appropriate guidance and security is the franchise option. Extremely propular in the 1980s and 1990s franchising has never gone away and in fact with the development of the internet there are as many opportunities as there have ever been.

Starting a franchise has its advantages compared to buying a new business and starting it from scratch. However, there are still some considerations that you should take into account.

People are normally attracted to franchises due to the fact that the best ones have proven to be very successful in the last few years. You can combine the advantages of owning your own company with the brand name already identified by the franchiser. In fact, most franchises have a much higher success rate than other businesses. The variety of franchise options available is staggering, from fast food, cleaning and property and real eastate management, and beyond.

Manjit Virdi, Redstones WalsallAccording to Manjit Virdi, manager at Redstones estate agents in Walsall, a growing UK property franchise, “For a local business startup, opting for a reputable franchise is proven to be an effective method due to name recognition. A popular name will bring clients into the company and provide a competitive edge for the franchisee.When this is coupled with the training packages that most franchises have developed it shortens the learning curve, helping new business owners avoid some of the mistakes that they would otherwise be vulnerable to.

A franchisor can offer managerial support and other team building capabilities for its franchisees. There are likely to be advertising programmes that can provide national exposure at affordable costs. You will receive plenty of assistance from the franchiser when it comes to obtaining finance. In many cases, the franchisor will be your source of funding in the event that you cannot raise the money to start your own franchising.

Many potential franchisees are not prepared fully for the cost and effort of opening a franchise. This is especially true when it comes to scalability. You should assess whether your suppliers and vendors work together on a larger scale or whether you need to make a few changes in that department. It is also important that you get the money you invested back within a short time.

Buying a franchise that you enjoy the most is perhaps the most important factor. Most businesses only succeed if their owners actually like what they do. To sell the product or service to a large client base, you must be enthusiastic about it and actually interested in the product or service that you are offering. This will lead you to a great deal of knowledge that you will gain while working as a franchisee. Being an expert at what you do is the key to running a successful company. Job satisfaction runs hand in hand with expertise.

When you choose to work in a product or service area that you really love, your customers will clearly notice this and want to use your service or buy the product from you. Your enthusiasm will soon be conveyed to your customers and word of mouth will bring even more people to your establishment. People love dealing with happy and joyful suppliers as they can see that they love their work. In order to succeed, you must therefore invest more effort and show how you are inspired by your job. People who love their jobs tend to work harder as their job becomes a part of their life rather than a chore. Franchising is a great way to get started with your venture and lead you to a successful path to financial freedom.

Looking to buy a franchise business?

Time Management Is A Crucial Skill For Business Success

Among the greatest things you can do towards your success in business yourself is to handle your time wisely. It has been said that “time management is self management” and there is a great deal of truth in that.

Jumping from one task to another is a sure-fire recipe for an unproductive day. Here are some  tips that I finds help me keep my business running.

1. Attempt doing as much as possible the day before something must be done. Do this by charting your course for each day during the preceding night. Preparing the next day’s list is the best thing you can do at the end of each day. As soon as you have your jobs outlined ahead of time, there will be no delay in the morning.

an image of clock Animatable Clock V1.02. Make the effort to really understand target dates to prevent having a lot of eleventh hour emergencies. Take care of the task ahead of time to meet the deadline. Nevertheless, if you keep those deadlines in focus and designate your time intelligently, you won’t need to sacrifice one task to finish another.

3. When time management becomes challenging, take some time to evaluate your current level of productivity and effectiveness. Are you able to focus? If not, why? If you wish to better your time management abilities, you need to discover exactly why you leave the current tasks.

4. Prioritise all of your jobs. In some cases, useless tasks can get in the way of your day. By getting jobs prioritised you’re going to have the ability to spend your energy and time on things that you really should get done. List the task facing you on a specific day. Provide some idea to how crucial each one of them is, and start with the most essential ones.

5. Do the thing you least want to do first. Get it out of the way so you are not spending energy in avoidance. As the book title says, “Eat That Frog!”

6. Unless it is an emergency, when you are occupied with a job, you ought to neglect your phone, text messages or email messages. It has been revealed that when you allow yourself to break your concentration for something else, it can take 25 minutes to get back into a groove again. Return texts, phone calls, and email messages when you are done with the job at hand.

7. Take a close take a look at things on your schedule. Can you eliminate some jobs? Can you hand over a job to other people so you can have some additional time for your tasks?

8. Stay on one job at all times. Do not allow interruptions to distract you. There are those that will try to discharge more work on you, before you are even done with the project at hand. Do not let individuals sway you from your current task. Prior to you taking on anything else, finish your task at hand.

9. Think about registering in a time management course or workshop. You’ll discover a great deal of useful information in these courses, and your life will end up being much easier because of the understanding that you obtain. You may be able to find some of these that are offered free through Business Gateway or similar organisations.

10. Break large tasks into smaller parts. The only way to eat an elephant is one-bite-at-a-time.

Picking A Quality Commercial Flooring Business

I’m taking a little detour today into looking after the bricks and mortar of your business. A number of years ago I leased a commercial property and it was a salutory experience. I signed on for a nine year “care and repair” lease which meant I was responsible for the maintenance of fabric of the building.

It became a nightmare of repairs and a neighbour’s holiday-time leak which meant that the floors had to ripped up and treated. When I sold that business one of the highpoints was getting rid of the lease and I was happy that someone else now had that responsibility.

commercial flooringHere are a few tips I picked up from my own experience about dealing with your floors.

Floor upkeep can be a big deal for any business owner, specifically when it pertains to problems with slippage, cracking and dampness, and the potential safety implications. Finding the correct commercial flooring company is essential as you will be making a considerable investment.

Regularly inspect your own floors. Depending on the size and nature of your floor space it may be worth having a flooring company contract, or use one of your employees for this job, ensuring they know the tell-tale signs to look out for.

If you discover your floor deteriorating in any way then don’t delay in getting it seen to. Aside from the fact that it is only going to get worse, you leave yourself open to potential legal action if an employee or visitor to your premises is injured in any way as a result of the problem. It’s not going to get better by itself.

In the first instance you are best recommended to call in a company who specialises in commercial or industrial flooring solutions. They can advise you and effect repairs so things do not deteriorate, and offer a long-term solution to your flooring issues. Expert resin flooring contractors and the like can pinpoint problems before they appear to the non-expert eye and can save you substantially in the long run.

When looking for professional floorers ensure you get references from other companies. Are there testimonials on their website? If you belong to a business forum then ask who can be trusted and who is recommended.

When you get your list of companies whittled down to two or three the it’s time to make contact and get some quotes. Make sure that the quotes are for the complete job and there are no “hidden” extras. Occasionally a company may pull a rabbit out of the hat and hit you for an extra cost. If you’ve done your research well and went on personal recommendation then this should not be a problem, but be clear from the beginning.

What length of guarantee is on offer? Investigate the guarantee offered by the manufacturers of the materials that will be used, as well as the service guarantee from your flooring contractor.

Although it may seem a moot point always ask to see a record of up-to-date insurance cover. Make sure the employees are insured by the company whilst on your premises and that you are protected in case the company goes out of business or provides shoddy workmanship.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate hard on price. Most reputable companies recognise that the value of a customer is in the long-term and that each happy customers comes with a referal value. They want your business, but ensure that the agreed price is fair for both parties.

Embracing New Media To Help The High Street

The next time you take a walk down your locak High Street it’s worth recognising the fact that you are witnessing something of a miracle.

In these difficult times for “brick and mortar” businesses the continued existence of city and town centres as vibrant shopping areas owes much to tbe tenacity, drive, enthusiasm and sheer doggedness of the business owners involved.

Town centres are just shopping and retail areas, they form a vital hub in the lives of our towns and a living link with the past, to an era when there wasn’t much choice, long before mass ownership of private vehicles and the term of “out of town” mean the countryside, not a large cinema and retail park!

But even the most committed of “real” businesses nowadays need to embrace the digital world and utilise and leverage the marketing benefits it can bring.

From the local grovery store who offers online delivery to the hairdresser who promotes her special offers via facebook, the good news is that business owners are fighting back and claiming their space in the online world.

One such is Mark Davies, of Chiropractors Rayleigh in Essex who has found that having a strong online presence has been vital to his business. “I know myself that when I’m looking for something the first thing I do is get my phone out and serach Google, ” says Mark. “There cama a point when I had a lightbulb moment and realised that I needed to be at the top of those searches.

Putting flyers through doors, or having ads in thge local paper were producing miniumal returns, and I was fed up with a “throw enough mud at the wall and some of it will stick” approach to marketing.

“Entering the online world was a bit like taking my car to the garage – your feel out of your area of expertise and are almost anticipating the sharp intake of breath and being told that it will cost more than you had thought. The truth is that there are good companies out there to help local businesses like mine, including government initiatives, it just takes a bit of sifting to separate the wheat from the chaff.”

After the post credit-crash dip in local retail there has been something of a “tentative” revival, and for local businesses to thrive they need to embrace all marketing avenues, particularly those that are low cost with possible high returns.

A business can build a website cheaply by using services provided by companies such as weebly or godaddy. A Facebook page can be constructed in less than an hour and can pay huge dividends, particularly if your business targets younger, mobile and internet savvy customers.

Google and Facebook both offer online help to enable you to start advertising with them, and a quick search online will reveal the source of vouchers which enable you receive a free advertising allownace on both of these platforms.

The High Street may be changing, and operators there may have many challenges, but by utilising mobile and internet marketing they can demonstrate that there is still life in the old, (and beloved), dog yet.

Useful Resources: BBC News – Running A Business



Why Local Trades Owners Need To Be Net Savvy

There’s no doubt about it that word-of-mouth recommendation is the best advert for your business. A good word from a trusted friend goes a long way in convincing any of us to watch a movie, visit a restaurant or use a local business.

Word Of Mouth Recommendation Is Important
Word Of Mouth Recommendation Is The Best Advertisement

Nowadays online recommendations play a huge part in where customers spend their money.

I recently wanted to buy a new television and spend at least three hours reading reviews on various models before deciding on my chosen unit.

Potential customers of your services are able to do the same, which places a higher tarrif on providing excellent customer service – and in dealing quickly and politely with complaints.

Local tradespeople need to take particular note and understand the power of the web to give business and to take it away.

Business owners need to educate staff on the importance of all aspects of their behavious and interaction with the public, lest a bad online review stop the phones from ringing. The converse is also the case, but it is hard to recover from bad reviews.

Fortunately there exist many online reputation management resources which can be freely found by any Google search. Some companies will also give you a free assessment of your online status. I have not personally used any of these so I cannot comment on any particular firm.

Finding business online can offer a short-cut for new businesses, or an established company moving location.

Kevin Johnston of Tectum Solutions roofers in Galashiels area in the Scottish Borders recently faced this situation when he moved from just north of London.

I had no roots in the area and found myself with the prospect of competing against established firms,” said Kevin. “At first this was daunting but I realised that the internet could actually be my best friend. As long as I could appear on the local listings and get to the first page I knew I could get the chance to deliver quotes.

I figured it would take me time to get a name locally, but thanks to my website I gained those first few important customers. They were delighted with my standard of work and from then word-of-mouth kicked in.

Kevin’s experience is a great example to other local tradesmen that they can develop their customer base by taking advantage of the internet. In fact a carpet fitter friend of mine recently created pages on his website specifically for each of the towns he felt were in his work radius. After 6 weeks he recieved his first enquiry via the site and since then the phone rings two or three times per month with enquiries from these other towns.

He paid around £60 per page from his website designer and the cost of the pages was covered in the first couple of jobs.

So, I’ll leave you with one question. How can you break out of your area and break into new territory with your business?

Keeping Your Workspace Fit For Business

“A tidy office is a sign of a tidy mind,” one of my business mentors once said. He was obsessive in his crusade against clutter, convinced that it was a drain on efficiency and also signalled to anyone who saw your workspace that you were not in control.

Over the years I have been in business I have learned that there is more than a grain of truth in his advice.

I have three criteria that are important to my ability to focus and my efficiency.

  • I am well groomed and wearing business atire (even if I am working from home)
  • My desk and immediate workspace is tidy and uncluttered
  • My wider workspace is professional and condusive to business

“Clothes maketh the man,” goes the quote, and I agree that it is true. If I wear a T shirt and jeans then I am in a T shirt and jeans frame of mind. By wearing business attire I am sending a signal to my brain that I am ready to work, and that I am taking my projects seriously.

You need to find the level of attire that is appropriate for your business. Sir Richard Branson may be able to get away with wearing jeans and a jacket, but if you are financial consultant it may not be what your clients expect you to wear.

Stobbart Transport in the UK are a famous haulage company whose trucks can be seen driving up and down the length of the country. One of the features of their service is that their lorry drivers all wear a shirt and tie. That signals a  high level of professionalism and respect for the service they provide, and for their customers.

typing on a computerKeeping your immediate workspace neat is important in helping your mind to focus on the task at hand. Few of perform well when we are distracted, and in my own experience my work day can quickly become occupied with “stuff”ather than important tasks unless I stay one-pointed in my priorities. A clear desk helps with this.

Focus On One Task Until Completion” is a worthwhile motto.

Maintaining a clean a tidy workplace or office is important. It sinals to your staff and to your visitors that you care about the details. Mark Thornton of Clean Direct carpet cleaners, Milton Keynes says that clients are often surprised just how much of a contrast their is when they get their office shampooed.

Dirt builds up slowly, so slowly that the people working their don’t even notice it.” he says. “Yet when people walk in for the first time they see the dirty office carpets that the people there have been accustomed too – you never get another chance to make a first impression. That’s one of the reasons why we recommend our customers set up a regular schedule of cleaning so it never gets that bad again.”

What impression do you give clients / customers who visit you? Would you like to visit your workspace in its current condition. If not, then it is time to spruce things up.

The good news is that by raising the standard of your personal attire, your immediate space and your wider worker environment you can quickly increase productivity levels – and that translates to more money in the bank.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring An SEO Company

Being on Page One of Google is vital for most businesses. Very few people click onto the second page or lower in the search engine rankings so dropping off the first page can make a huge difference to the number of enquiries you receive.

I receive junk email every day from companies promising that they will get me to the top of Google – often for sursprisingly low prices. Some of them can be quite persuasive but I don’t feel confident in hiring such a service without a personal recommendation.

But if we do wish to hire an SEO expert what should we ask them? Stephen McTaggart, Director at Build Business Online Ltd. an SEO business in Edinburgh provided me with some answers.

“Do they eat their own cooking? Can they show you where they are ranking themselves? If you can’t find them in the search engines then how confident can you be that they will get you to the top?

“Make sure they start with an analysis of your chosen keywords. This is fundamental. Often business owners think they know what their customers are searching for, but often they are surprised when they see the actual figures.

“How does your existing website shape up for those keywords – is it well-optimised? Is it over-optimised?

“Ask the company about Panda and Penguin. These are the names of two recent Google updates. If they don’t know what they are then find another SEO company.

“Do they use automated tools to build links? If so, where do these links go? If they say “yes” and they go directly to your site then walk away. This is exactly the kind of link-building that Google penalises.

“Ask how long will it take to get you to Page One. If they give you a time figure before carrying out any research then walk away. If they give you a time frame of less than 2 weeks then it may be that they will be using methods that could jeopordise the long-term health if your website, so again walk away.”

Making a bad decision on SEO can have a devastating impact on your website rankings so be sure to do you due diligence on the compaany you choose.

It would appear to me that you should look for slow, steady results, and if a service appears too cheap compared to most other companies it could be that the methods they use will land your site in trouble.

Recovering a website from a Google penalty can be very difficult and it is better to avoid getting into trouble in the first place. Stephen says that on occassions it may be better to scrap a domain name and copy the website onto a new one, but he has successfully breathed new life into sites that were previously penalised.

As is often the case, it’s probably best to leave it to the experts and for us to concentrate on our own business strengths.

Managing Client Expectations

“Under-promise and over-deliver,” is an oft-used maxim for a successful business strategy. It makes sense because it allows you some wiggle-room and is more likely to lead to a delighted customer, and to increased referrals for your service.

In the real world of gaining customers, however, it can be somewhat trickier. There can be a temptation, particularly if you are competing for work, to over-promise what you will deliver. This “get the contract and figure out the details later” approach can lead to disaster. You may end up under-quoting just to get the work and discover you can’t deliver what you promised with the resources you now have.

rocket take offResearch has shown that an unhappy customer is more likely to tell others about you than  a happy customer. So, how can you get the job? In a word – CONFIDENCE.

Give your potential clients the confidence that you above all others will deliver what they want. If you can do that well, price becomes a secondary factor.

Confidence starts with you – do you know you are great at what you do? Your confidence transmits itself to your customer. Remember that most communication is non-verbal so it’s not just in the words you say or write that this confidence will be transmitted.

Social-proof is important too. Can your potential customers see that others have used your service successfully? Nikki Smithson Birch of MTS (see video below) who offer motorbike lessons in Sussex says that having testimonials on their company website made a huge difference in the number of enquiries they received.

“We decided to add testimonials and include photographs of students who had successfully passed their motorcycle training with us. This led to an immediate rise in calls and emails through our website.

“For potential customers to be able relate to our successful students, either through age, gender or geographic location, appears to give them the confidence to pick up the phone knowing that perhaps we can do the same for them.”

Regular communication is important with your customers. Building a relationship of trust means that you are more likely to ride out the inevitable rough times when things may not be going to plan.

If your customers have a direct line to you then they are also more likely to call you if they begin to look at competitors. A call with you may be enough to help you retain their custom, which is much nicer than seeing them simply disappear without a word.

People love to do business with other people, so regular contant and tokens of appreciation for their loyalty can go a long way to helping you build a base of delighted customers.

Thanks to Nikki at for help with this article

Internet Design Pointers To Build A Better Website

Many business owners  want a strong web presence and a well designed website, but do not try it due to the fact that they think it will be too difficult. If the idea of internet design intimidates you, scan this article and read the essentials then see if you’re still skeptical.

If you want your site to attract and keep numerous visitors, it has to be simple to browse. It ought to be painless to locate crucial links and various other information. A navigation menu will also assist visitors locate specifically what they’re trying to find. Make sure that you have links posted to every page of the website. This will permit visitors to quickly navigate their way around.

Nowadays with so many smart phones and tablets in use it is vital that you create a mobile website for your business. If your site does not show up properly on a mobile device you stand the possibility of alienating and losing potential customers.

older woman at computer

Go easy on using Flash – this is not supported on iPhone and iPads.

Make sure you have a sign-up form for a newsletter on your site. This is perfect way to keep in touch with potential customers and tell them more about your products and/or services. A free giveaway, such as a valuable report, can help convert more casual visitors to subscribers.

Constantly check your internet site for busted hyperlinks. Make the check right before your upload it and make it available online. This is essential since when you have visitors come to your site they will discover that the information they want to see is not available any longer and if this is to take place a lot on your website, they will leave. You can avoid this by often examining that all links still work.

WordPress has become a pupular platform for website design due to its ease of use. Even if you are paying a website designer to build your site, if it is made in WordPress it will be realtively easy for you to edit and add fresh content to.

Always prevent complex captchas unless you are using them for user registration. CAPTCHA are a complicated approach of proving an individual is human, not a spam bot. Nonetheless, humans can dislike these profoundly when browsing a website. A lot of visitors will merely leave the website and use an additional resource rather.

You ought to have a great idea of where you have to start to develop a good site. Keep in mind that you can always discover more about internet design, so always try to find up-to-date expertise.

The Best Ways To Do Well In A Home Based Business

Home based business can be both amazing and a little scary. It can be difficult to get a handle on exactly where to start. You likewise have to figure out how you will make it work and find the balance with family demands..

Running your very own home business brings up so many questions that you will need to take care of. You’re in luck, though, as this short article will highlight some details that are vital to preserving and boosting your home business.

Beginning a home business is fun and tough in equal measure. Exactly what will your niche be? It can be nearly anything, but it’s much better if you’re educated about the topic. Do your study before you get involved in anything. Network with other home business owners to get a better idea of which sectors are the best – online forums are a great place to begin.

Outfit for success. Working at home in some cases makes you feel as if you can sit around in your pyjamas. You wish to still dress like you are going into the workplace. Putting on genuine clothes influences not just your appearance, but your motivation to obtain down to business.

You will be successful if you are encouraged to make your home based business successful. Regional laws relating to building codes and requirements may make your home office ill-suited for performing business. If regional regulations are a barrier, consider developing an addition to your home that meets the code. It likewise helps you prevent your work life and house life from melding into one unit. Do you really need that garaga space? Perhaps you could buy and old trailer or caravan and convert it? Be imaginative.

Draw up a workable schedule so your business does not interfere with your individual life or vice versa. You could disregard business calls after a certain hour, for example. Make the effort to enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

You may require a post office box for company mail. Do not use your own home address on company internet sites. You want to secure both your identity and your family’s identity.

When you have a home business, it is really valuable to have a supportive peer group. Look for other people and establish a network of support. These individuals do not have to be in your exact same market, but they have to be there for you, supportive and understand the one-of-a-kind difficulties home based business owners take care of.

When developing a home-based company, it is necessary that you have a company strategy. Every small business requires a summary of exactly what its goals are. A well planned company approach should consist of business objectives and what is had to accomplish them. Business strategies are important for keeping your brand-new endeavor on track. They are also vital if you are plaanning to raise finance or look for business partners.

Dangers, as terrifying as they are, are necessary to attain real success. Introducing an experimental line of product and promotion is a great way to develop your consumer base and enhance your market position.

Discover all you can about the people you’re targeting when marketing a home business. You have to interest a large market that has not been penetrated if you wish to do well. When you develop your website, keep in mind how customers generally buy your product or service.

When you have a home based business, you must think of the things that sidetrack you. Find out what grabs your attention and afterwards work to alleviate that.

When you are attempting to come up with a product for your home based business, choice something that fills a need you have. Clients make certain to be thinking about acquiring something with the ability to help with a concern they routinely confront. If you have the ability to create an option for a concern that you have, it will most likely be popular with others.

As was pointed out earlier in this short article, a home business can be both attractive and frightening. Hopefully you have obtained some excellent information and insight from the tips shared in this post. Put that advice into action, and watch as things start to work even more smoothly for your home business.

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