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About Me

Hi, my name is Stephen Robertson. Apart from a very brief spell working in local government I have spent my working life as self-employed. From humble and demoralising beginnings trying to sell Kirby vacuum cleaners to now running a UK Limited Company  I have enjoyed (mostly) the opportunity that being my own boss brings.

With nobody to tell me what to do I have had to dig deep, to persevere, and at times be able to step outside of my own head to get some perspective and direction. I know the value of learning from others, I have had a number of coaches and mentors, and I wanted to be able to share some musings on the web for others to enjoy.

Maybe nobody will ever read what I write, but I enjoy the process nonetheless. If you find yourself reading these words then I hope you have found the few minutes you have spent on my blog worthwhile.

I wish you every success.



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